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Quantify Business Outcomes

Make more efficient decisions about your cloud and NFV services by having the lowest level of micro-service visibility. BAE solves your business challenges by addressing how to:

1. Determine business transformation and growth impact of Cloud, SD-WAN, and NFV.
2. Interpret changes in design and how it impacts current and future cost dynamics.
3. Predict the cost of SD-WAN and NFV services for three to five years.
4. Calculate the cost of different NFV services in different sites and regions.
5. Choose NFVs: Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Fortinet, etc.
6. View historical, current, and future expenses for alternative NFVs and design choices.
7. Identify the SD-WAN and NFV unit costs: cost/endpoint, cost/Gbps, cost/user.

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BAE Tutorial Videos

ACG BAE: Build in Model Designer
Peter Fetterolf shows how to use Model Designer Libraries
ACG Customizable Settings
Peter Fetterolf demonstrates the customizable features within BAE
ACG BAE Topology & Inventory
Peter Fetterolf give an in depth explanation of utilizing topology & inventory within BAE
ACG BAE Financials
Peter Fetterolf shows the different financial data/inormation BAE provides
ACG BAE Expenses
Peter Fetterolf demonstrates working with expenses within BAE
ACG BAE Output Visualization
Peter Fetterolf explains what BAE output says about your data
ACG BAE Freemium Introduction
Introduction to BAE Freemium

Frequently Asked Questions

Does software offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes, providing the nonprofit organization is able to show proof of 501C.

How many use cases can I create in my account?

With the BAE Model Designer module, a user is able to create simulations for an unlimited number of use cases.

Can I schedule a software demo to test the platform out?

Yes, we provide demos. All you need to do is send us an email at

Can I pay to have ACG economic engineers build the model for me?

Yes, we provide training, but if you want us to build the models, you will be required to pay for the the economic engineers to build the models. ACG will provide a knowledge transfer to you.

Do you offer a multi-tenant capabilities in your platform?

Yes, with BAE a customer is able to build customize models for each of its customers.

Do you offer a free trial to test software out before committing?

Yes, we do. Contact us at