BAE is fundamental for any company using Excel to generate IT business use-cases

BAE is a SaaS software platform that allows service providers, enterprises, and webscalers visualize expansion, develop enhanced sales enablement, and justify costly investments

BAE is trusted by the largest software vendors and cloud providers in the world.

Many companies are using Excel to find revenue streams, optimize architecture, and determine the potential of their million to billion dollar investments.

BAE provides the same service, shortening a process that takes months to minutes.

We make it easy to build your economic models for any use- case

80% of all tasks that can be done in a CRM can be done in Excel. However, like a CRM, BAE brings efficiency, ease, and other productivity benefits:

BAE's automation decreases errors, and increases profits
BAE utilizes libraries that act as Lego blocks that can be effortlessly connected and disconnected when building a business model
BAE is a flexible platform that allows data input in a multitude of ways:

    ~Custom UI
    ~Model Designer

Measuring and optimizing business outcomes with BAE Model Designer in cloud networks creates opportunities for service providers

Model Designer:

Allows companies to build models, immediately seeing the impact of adding certain end points, services, resources as well as the impact of taking them away
Shows real-time visibility of business outcomes from both a macro and micro level
Maps technologies to economic benefits and economic capabilities
Allows for one-click business case development

Any feature or capability can be mapped to economic value with BAE.

Real-Time Discovery Analytics

BAE has an API that allows customers to automatically do network discovery and feed into scenarios.

Libraries & Templates

BAE includes libraries and templates that allow users to create and develop their economic models quickly and more accurately.

Executive-Level KPIs

BAE offers executive-level dashboards that allow users to measure outcomes in hypothetical and real network environments.

Integrate BAE with network management
automation platforms

What our customers say

“BAE is the most powerful and sophisticated cost and modeling tool we have seen.”

“We use the BAE to help understand the economics and best use cases for Private 5G. This platform allows us to develop TAMs for verticals in manufacturing, energy, and health care and to understand how we should be pricing the services."

Service Provider Product Manager
Tier 1 Service Provider, USA

BAE scenario comparison allowed us to compare and do what-if analysis and save millions by showing the impact of automation solutions but also helping us maximize our profitability of each service.

Japanese SP
Executive Team

We use BAE as a sales enablement tool. We are now able to customize economic models of all of our solutions offering and show the outcome.

Technology vendor
SVP of Marketing at a Global software company

Software designed
for many use-cases

Networks and data centers are undergoing a major transformation as physical network functions are converted to virtual network functions and applications are moved to the cloud. Although this transformation holds great promise, it comes with many challenges.

The problem of measuring and forecasting cloud service expenses and profitability is complex. ACG Business Analytics is providing a solution to one of these challenges: measuring and optimizing business outcomes in software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), and cloud networks.

Traditional approaches to business modeling using Excel have exceeded their limits. ACG Business Analytics developed the Business Analytics Engine (BAE) to solve the hard problems of network and cloud modeling while providing a powerful interface to Excel to allow business analysts freedom and flexibility to refine and enhance business models. The BAE uses real-time data, historical data, and forecasts to measure and optimize business outcomes.
ACG Business Analytics uses the BAE to provide a business analytics software as a service (SaaS) with an easy to use web user interface and an interface to Excel for business analysts and power users.

The mission of ACG Business Analytics is to provide micro-level visibility into the financial performance of cloud-based services, applications, and infrastructure thus allowing service providers to optimize revenue, profitability, and growth. 

- ACG Business Analytics provides a business analytics software as a service for measuring and optimizing business outcomes in SD-WAN, NFV, cloud networks, allowing for an unlimited number of use cases.

- BAE platform uses real-time data, historical data, and forecasts to model networks.

- Major outputs are key performance indicators, cash flow, profitability, and other financial metrics to monitor and predict business outcomes.

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